Body Buck Completed


The body buck was completed a couple of weeks ago to be ready for picking up the kit.  I followed the directions and blueprint in the assembly manual.  It was a bit confusing at times trying to get all of the dimensions correct.  I suggest you measure the actual widths of the front and back sections prior to cutting.  It is very easy to make a mistake on the dimensions.  I used a finishing nail, treatment wire and a pencil to create a compass for the radiused parts.  I added casters for ease of movement and a couple interior shelves for some of the larger pieces that will not be used right away, side effects
e.g. sheet metal, site hood, trunk, etc.

I was able to do this by myself, but it took much longer and I had to get creative to keep pieces in place and square – such as putting small pieces of 2×4 on the front and back pieces to support the stringers before I secured them.  Having at least two people will simplify and speed up the process.

The rest of the Body buck pictures can be viewed here.

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