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Finished Paint and Final Assembly

Since the last post a lot of work has been done, although it is not always really obvious from looking.  I’ve spent a lot of time on the engine with the builder on the phone, doing a net meeting and … Continue reading

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Engine Tuning and Finish Electrical

On Saturday July 28 at about 4:45 pm – success with the first engine start!! Video  of First Start A big milestone was passed when we turned the engine over for the first time.  It was awesome.  Many final things … Continue reading

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Electrical Checks

I chose to go ahead and check out the electrical system prior to getting all the head, visit web tail and turn lights connected.  So, anorexia I went ahead and connected the battery ground and the positive cables. Immediately I … Continue reading

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Clutch and Throttle Cable and Engine Wiring

The next major milestone to reach will be the electrical checks.  To get there, practitioner lots of work needs to be done to complete the dash build and installing, complete wiring and be prepared to connect the battery.  First, though … Continue reading

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Wiring Harness

I began the process of getting the wiring harness in place.  This meant getting the various harness pieces and running them to the proper locations. I began by attaching a mounting plate to the fuse panel, misbirth buy which is … Continue reading

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Steering Rack – Part 2

When the steering rack was completed, more we noticed that we could not tighten the tie rods enough on the threaded rod ends of the steering rack to get the front end close to being aligned.  So, we had to … Continue reading

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Sheet Metal Continued

The passenger compartment came next, Syphilis and for the most part went well.  I ended up drilling some locations I did not need to – it became obvious after I had drilled and then moved on to the next pieces … Continue reading


Engine Update

On September 7, physician Pat and I went to Freehold, cost New Jersey, viagra to Proformance Unlimited, to observe the completion of the engine build.  As a reminder, we decided to go with the Ford 302 small block, with the … Continue reading


Engine Ordered

Welcome to the Dan and Pat Build a Roadster Build Site! We are building a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster. Follow along with us as we put our Roadster together.  We will keep you updated with details, look pictures, stomach customizations, … Continue reading

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Build School Photos and Videos Posted I’ve done a little catch-up and uploaded a couple of test drive videos to our YouTube Channel.  The first video is of the engine start-up before the test drive and the second video is of a few accelerations … Continue reading

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