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Begin Body Work

Now that all the electrical is done (except for the horns), ask I can start work on completing the sheet metal, mind and then move on to body work.  First, medicine I had a few other items to do as … Continue reading

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Completing Sheet Metal and Other Tasks

Since the last post a lot of work has been done, women’s health although it is not always really obvious from looking.  I’ve spent a lot of time on the engine with the builder on the phone, visit this site … Continue reading

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Dash, Gauges and More

The next major milestone to reach will be the electrical checks.  To get there, practitioner lots of work needs to be done to complete the dash build and installing, complete wiring and be prepared to connect the battery.  First, though … Continue reading

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More Progress on Engine and Next Steps

We are getting close to installing the engine and transmission, buy viagra from canada so I will need to do some pre-work that is necessary as well as some other items that were just to fill time until I can … Continue reading

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Pre-work for Engine-Transmission Install

When the steering rack was completed, more we noticed that we could not tighten the tie rods enough on the threaded rod ends of the steering rack to get the front end close to being aligned.  So, we had to … Continue reading

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Battery Box and Trunk Aluminum

My next area was in the trunk.  I chose to purchase a battery box to install in the trunk area.  The base kit has the battery mounted on the upper trunk floor.  The aftermarket part allows the battery to be … Continue reading

Aluminum Panels, Battery, Battery Box, Cable, Carpet, Insulation, Trunk, Wiring harness

Cockpit Sheet Metal

Next I started working on the cockpit sheet metal.  The manual calls for marking, eczema doctor drilling and riveting into place.  It was recommended to only mark and drill and use clecos to hold the metal in place.  That way … Continue reading

Aluminum Panels, Cockpit, Footbox

Heater – Defroster

While talking with some of my build school classmates, ailment they mentioned that they had actually painted the bare metal parts of the rear axle and brackets.  This was recommended to them by another builder.  So, I decided to do … Continue reading

Aluminum Panels, heater-defroster

Aluminum Panel (Day 1)

Last weekend, pilule we marked, online trimmed, and removed all of the aluminum panels off of the frame.  This not only allows us to easily access the entire frame to start installing the rest of the components but allows us … Continue reading

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