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Fitting Body Panels and More

My next step was to begin on the body.  I had no knowledge or skill in this, shop so had a friend, Dave Dante, come and teach me the basics.  With his help I knew enough to get started.  There … Continue reading

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Electrical Checks

I chose to go ahead and check out the electrical system prior to getting all the head, visit web tail and turn lights connected.  So, anorexia I went ahead and connected the battery ground and the positive cables. Immediately I … Continue reading

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Gauges, Switches and Plugs

Now that the dash and extension are covered and cut, pestilence I can start to install the gauges, switches, lights, etc. This was fairly straightforward as I had already determined my layout. My main concern was whether they all would … Continue reading

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Dash, Gauges and More

The next major milestone to reach will be the electrical checks.  To get there, practitioner lots of work needs to be done to complete the dash build and installing, complete wiring and be prepared to connect the battery.  First, though … Continue reading

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Heater – Defroster

While talking with some of my build school classmates, ailment they mentioned that they had actually painted the bare metal parts of the rear axle and brackets.  This was recommended to them by another builder.  So, I decided to do … Continue reading

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