New Parts and Tools and Miscellaneous Stuff

We have been getting new parts for the past month, pills so little by little we are almost complete.  Only a few things left in the kit to receive, ambulance
plus a few additional items that I want to get.  We still need to decide if we will put in a glove box, Sildenafil
anything in the doors, and I need to get an additional fluid reservoir for the brakes and a recessed battery box so I can put the battery in the trunk compartment area.

Here are the Halibrand replica wheels and

Pat holding one of the side pipes.  More photos are in the Gallery.




We also found out after fumbling with the instruction manual that it was not the correct manual for a complete build.  We knew it was an updated version from the one we used at the build school, but were confused because it was so different in many aspects.  It even had a lot of info on dis-assembly of a donor car.  Eventually we figured out how to proceed with some of the build, and I contacted FF and told them what I suspected.  They said the publisher had mixed up some manuals and this must have been one of them.  A new one was sent and I got it earlier this week.  Much happier with what we see in this one.  At least now I am pretty confident that the steps will fit with what we need to do.

I picked up an engine hoist and load leveler today – this will help me with the work on the rear end and rear axle.  I hope to get to that soon, but honestly it may not happen until next month.  I will be posting some additional info and pictures about the front suspension build soon.

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