Rear Suspension Completed

Back at work on the rear brakes, approved
I found that with a couple of washers included, esophagitis
the calipers and rotors lined up very well.  So, that being completed, we went to work on the lower control arms so we could start to mount the axle on the chassis.  We installed the control arms on the axle, but found we did not have a second set of fasteners needed to install the control arms to the chassis.

I contacted FF and they sent another set of fasteners.  In the meantime, we got all the parts for the rear coil over shock.

These were assembled in preparation for completing the axle install.

While waiting for the fasteners to arrive, I poked around in the forum a bit.  One article caught my eye, talking about the rear axle.  Another builder had installed the axle below the panhard frame mount member on the driver side.  He ended up having to correct this.  After looking at my set-up, I would have done the same thing.  What I figured out, was that the manual calls for the installation of the frame mount after installing the axle and shocks.  However, my kit came with the panhard frame mount already bolted in place.  I took it off, and this simplified my installation of the axle.

After receiving the fasteners, the control arms were attached to the chassis.  The biggest problem I faced doing this was that the axle was very unstable as I lifted it to get it into place using a floor jack.  To help this, I again used the engine hoist to support the axles and stabilize the work.  This would not have been needed with two people, but worked ok on my own.

So, with the control arms in, I next attached the shocks.  It took a bit of maneuvering to get everything aligned, but not a big deal and this was completed.  I installed them “body up” as per the manual, although during the build school they suggested doing this body down.  We were told either way would work, so I just went with the manual.  However, when I then tried to re-install the panhard frame mount, I found that it actually hit on the spring on the driver side shock assembly – maybe why body down was recommended. So I removed and installed the shocks.  With body down, there was clearance with the frame mount

Last, I installed the panhard bar.  Again, this took quite a few adjustments to align holes, but was not difficult.  I still need to do some set up of both the front and the back to make sure everything is aligned properly, but will do that later.  See Gallery for all of the pictures


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