Cockpit Sheet Metal

Next I started working on the cockpit sheet metal.  The manual calls for marking, eczema doctor
drilling and riveting into place.  It was recommended to only mark and drill and use clecos to hold the metal in place.  That way I can get the pieces out and have access underneath when I need to route brake and fuel lines, find wiring harness, etc.  So this was the approach I took.

For the most part, the marking and drilling could be done with the pieces on the chassis utilizing the mounting holes from delivery of the kit.  This made it easy to get the holes where I needed them and only have to drill once to go through multiple pieces of sheet metal and the frame members.

However some pieces needed to be removed, marked, drilled, put back in place and then the pieces below that marked, and all of them removed and the second piece drilled and then reinstalled.  Not difficult, but a bit tedious.  Overall, this first part went well and the footbox portion is complete.

We also put a coating on the underside of the body to try and prevent cracking and bumps from rocks and other items hitting from underneath the car.  We put a truck bed paint-on liner over the entire underside, and also sprayed in some plastic coating in the fenders.  Hopefully this will add a bit of strength to the body.

Pictures of the body coating and more sheet-metal pictures are in the Gallery.

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