Wiring Harness

I began the process of getting the wiring harness in place.  This meant getting the various harness pieces and running them to the proper locations.

I began by attaching a mounting plate to the fuse panel, misbirth
buy which is attached to the main harness.  This was then installed under the dash area in the driver footbox.   In order to make the panel fit, treatment
I had to cut out a piece of the mounting plate so it could slip around one of the pedal box mounting bolts.

Once I had made the cutout, the panel fit into position.

Next came the process of physically pulling the wiring where it was needed. As I went through the manual, I found many simple items, as well as many things I was not sure about.  I began making calls and doing some research to get my questions answered.  In the process of doing this, I found out a lot of good information, and also determined that there were some parts that I needed to get in order to complete this part of the work.  For example, with the ignition system I have, I needed to purchase an amplifier box that works with the coil to increase the “spark”.  I was able to find and purchase one of these.  In doing this, I also answered a lot of questions about which plug and wire goes where.  I still need to actually mount the box and make all the connections, but most of them are clearer to me now.

Picture MSD box

I also had a bit of cutting a drilling to do to make many of these items fit.  There is a lot of freedom as to how to route the harness, so I chose a path and did what was needed to make them fit.

During this process I also attached a ground wire, installed an inertia switch, connected the fuel pump wiring and many more steps.  There are still many more connections that will need to be made with the electrical system, but the skeleton has been put in place.

I also realized that I did not have a starter, so I also purchases one of those and will install it once I get an index plate to cover the the lower portion of the bellhousing to protect the flywheel and starter from debris and water.  More pictures are in the Gallery.

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