Roadster Picked Up!

Truck and Trailer

We picked up the Roadster last weekend from Factory Five.  Dave Smith showed us a couple of his cars, there
we got a tour of the facilities, and then we TOOK THE CAR HOME!

Special thanks to Carter, who went with is to help with the heavy lifting and getting the chassis in the garage and up on jack stands.

Pictures are up in the gallery.

We also took the liberty of testing out the racing seats on the floor of the garage while enjoying a tasty beverage – comfy!


We’ve started going through the boxes and taking inventory (about half way done ~25 boxes total, some with boxes inside them).  Lots and lots of parts, but FFR strongly recommends going through the parts piece by piece to make sure that when you are ready to work on a subassembly, you don’t have to wait for a missing nut, bolt, or fastener to arrive from FFR if they missed something.

The people at Factory Five were great and we had a blast getting the car back home.  We can’t wait to get started.

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