Electrical Checks

I chose to go ahead and check out the electrical system prior to getting all the head, visit web tail and turn lights connected.  So, anorexia I went ahead and connected the battery ground and the positive cables.

Immediately I got some backlighting on some gauges – not a good thing.  Steve and I pondered this – I couldn’t explain why I would have lights on without the key being turned on.  Steve commented about the headlight switch.  I had not replace the control shaft so decided to put that back in.  When I snapped it in, it stopped at an “on” position.  Problem identified.  Once I pushed the control arm in to the off position, the gauge lighting turned off.  Great!! 

Next I turned the key to the right to the on position.  Many things happened – the fuel pump started, the EFI system “clicked” on, the gauge needles all moved, the clock started, the wiper motor started and some of the dash indicator lights turned on.  All of this was normal and expected except the wiper motor and indicator lights.  I checked the wiper motor switch, and found out it just worked differently than I thought it would.  I was able to turn it to “hi”, “lo” and “off”, so all is well.  I also then checked the heater/defroster and it worked as planned.

Next came checking on the indicator lights.  Both the Hi beam light and the hazard flasher indicator lights were on when I expected them off and off when I expected them on.  Also, the flasher lights were constant, not blinking, and the turn signal switch did not light the indicator light at all.

I decided to call FFR, and learned a couple of things.  First, the switches likely just work opposite to how I expected, so I rewired them and at least now the lights are on with the switch in my choice of position.

Second, they said without actually connecting the head, tail and turn signal lights I would not see the flashing lights or turn signal light.  So, I will check those out later.

I checked out the accessory socket plug, which also worked.  Finally, I bumped the starter and the engine turned.  That was very exciting.  Overall a successful day.

You can see a few more pictures in the Gallery.

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